4 Signs That Someone Hacked Your VOIP System

One of the biggest fears everyone in our modern, technology dependent society has these days is the fear of being hacked. This is especially a troublesome fear for business owners and leaders who have to worry about the wellbeing of their business, their clients, and their employees as well. Most people are only on the lookout for the obvious signs that their computers or one of their accounts were hacked. However, they need to be worried about their VOIP system just as much. Although a VOIP system is typically well secured, you still need to worry. That is why you must always be on the lookout for the potential signs that you have been hacked.

Call history

For starters, you might notice some strange calls have been made via your VOIP system. If you notice some oddities in your call history and calls that you do not remember making and cannot imagine anyone else would make, there is clearly something wrong with your VOIP system. Carefully examine the numbers dialed to see if they seem familiar, or even if they are coming to and from a location that seems right to you. If they do not, then your VOIP system definitely was compromised.

Anti-virus messages

You will also know right away that your VOIP system was hacked if you start getting popup anti-virus messages. These messages are often intrusive, distracting, and absurd to deal with, and are a big indicator that something is wrong with your system. Since VOIP uses the internet, this is why you will be experiencing this issue. Notify your VOIP provider as soon as you notice these messages to take a course of action to remedy the situation.

Problems with webcams and microphones

A VOIP system relies heavily on webcams and microphones for voice and video calls. If your VOIP system has been hacked, then you will quickly notice you are experiencing problems with your webcams and microphones connected to the VOIP system.

Bills increase

If your VOIP system is hacked, then you will soon notice a larger bill is arriving every month it goes unnoticed. Someone hacking your VOIP system can be using it to make long distance calls, or use an auto-dialer to make calls to a number that costs premium rates. You will want to regularly monitor your call history so you can avoid these high bills and deal with the situation immediately, rather than have the problem linger on.

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