3 Useful Tools for Contact Centers

Last week we discussed the essential pieces of telecommunications technology necessary for call centers. This week, we are delving into the needs of the call center’s hip younger brother: the contact center. Contact centers are like call centers in that they bridge the communication gap between consumers and corporations, but contact centers have a 21st-century twist. Where call centers primarily rely on phone calls, contact centers open things up to text and video communication through email, instant messaging, and video chat. Here are three exciting tools that can help your contact center excel. 

  1. Automatic Call Distribution System

We covered automatic call distribution systems last week when we discussed call center equipment. However, ACDs can have an even more significant role in contact centers. ACDs in contact centers have to function for phone calls, incoming video chats, instant messaging, emails, and more. It is invaluable to have one ACD that works for all methods of contact, especially if your business receives a large number of contact requests. This can ensure that all customer contact requests are handled by the best employee for the task and in a timely manner.

  1. Cameras and Video Chat Software

If your contact center offers video chats as a method of contact for customers and clients, you will need cameras for your workstations. Some computer monitors have webcams already integrated, but many marketed for commercial use do not. Your contact center will also need software that is capable of placing and receiving video calls. Many such software options also have instant messaging integrated so that customers and employees can talk over instant messaging before they start a video call.

  1. Ergonomic Keyboards

While keyboards are not strictly used for telecommunications solutions, they are crucial in contact centers. Because employees often use email, instant messaging, and more to communicate with clients, ergonomic keyboards are essential. If your contact center receives a large number of text-based messages, your employees should use ergonomic keyboards to stave off typing-related injuries like shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and muscle strain.

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