3 Data Protection Tips

Protecting your data is about more than just files and documents. Passwords, financial information, and private information should be kept safe from hackers and network security threats that can compromise your employees’ and customers’ private information. Keeping your data secure helps to keep your customers, and your business, safe from cyber security threats. Luckily, there are many approaches you can take to keeping your devices, passwords, and your network secure from hackers, malware, and scams. Here are 3 data protection tips that can help you keep all your data secure.

  1. Secure Your Network

It’s incredibly important to keep your network safe from hackers and malware to ensure that your business tech runs smoothly and your employees’ and customers’ personal information stays secure. The first step to securing your network is password protection–you always want to make sure your wireless network is password protected to prevent hackers from being able to access the information on your network. You may even want to consider using a VPN for more secure access to the Internet. Firewalls are also a great way to keep your network protected. Some are found in security software, but hardware firewalls built into your network router are a great way to keep your network safe from attacks, viruses, and dangerous programs.

  1. Use Anti-Malware Protection

Anti-malware protection is a must for any business. Beyond your firewall or other network security protections, you’ll want to make sure employees are trained to spot telltale signs of malware. These will often attack your computer via scam emails that urge you to click on a link or visit a url. Make sure your team is trained to spot these scams to avoid malware infiltrating your system. It’s also a good idea to run anti-virus software that will scan your computer for any unknown spyware or malware that may wind up your computer.

  1. Encrypt Your Data

Finally, data encryption is crucial. Encryption is a great way to protect your files, and there are many tools available that allow you to encrypt (and decrypt) emails. Encryption scrambles your data, which makes it harder to access in case of any attempted cyber attacks. This is a great option for sending sensitive or personal data across your network. Keep your data secure by using encryption and always remembering to backup your files.

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