3 Benefits of Simultaneous Ring

When shopping for business telecommunication solutions, there are a few features that many of us take for granted. One such feature, simultaneous ring, is something you have likely experienced without knowing its name. “Simultaneous ring” is a feature that causes multiple phones to ring when a call comes in. While this was limited to wired work phones in years past (think a receptionist and multiple desk phones), modern sim ring can be applied in an excitingly different way. Cell phones, tablets, computers, and more can all be lumped into a system with sim ring. If you are on the fence about getting a phone system with simultaneous ring, consider these benefits.

If you are on the fence about getting a phone system with simultaneous ring, consider these benefits.

Take Calls from Anywhere

One of the most desirable features of modern systems with simultaneous ring is the ability to have calls sent to one’s desk phone, cell phone, tablet, or computer. This means that employees are no longer tied down to their desks or offices for phone calls. This can allow employees to work from home or accept calls while they are commuting or in the field, increasing their productivity.

Relay Calls to Multiple Users

Simultaneous ring is useful in instances where receptionists regularly screen calls, or in situations where multiple agents can accept calls at any time. Because sim ring relays calls to multiple phones with various users, offices can use this feature as a way to provide prompt response times. It also helps businesses ensure that appropriate individuals can address client concerns. 

Never Leave a Call Unanswered

There is nothing worse than missing a sales opportunity or important client call because you are away from your desk. With simultaneous ring, you can improve your customer service by ensuring that all calls are answered in a timely manner. Because sim ring can route calls to any number of employees and locations, you can ensure that someone, somewhere will be able to answer and address the issue. For this reason alone, simultaneous ring is an incredibly beneficial feature to have for your business phone system.

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