Understanding Different Business Phone Systems

The world of business phone systems can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have experience shopping and making purchasing decisions. However, there are many different ways to determine the best type of phone system for your needs. From VoIP to PDX, here are the basics behind the many different business phone systems on the market. 

Multi-Line Phone Systems

Many people often think about multi-line phone systems when they think about business phone systems. A multi-line phone system has numerous different phone lines within the organization. Each phone line will direct different calls to the correct department or person. Because every person or department has a separate phone line, the call routing process is simple and straightforward. Multi-line phone systems are endlessly customizable.

PBX Phone Systems 

PBX telephone systems operate similarly to multi-line phone systems. PBX is short for a private branch exchange, which describes phone lines answered by a virtual receptionist or an automated recording. The automated recording will list the various places where the call can be routed. By pressing the appropriate number or saying the appropriate phrase, they will be routed to the correct person. This is a popular choice for business phone systems for companies that do not want to pay the additional expense of a receptionist to route calls.

VoIP Business Phone Systems

The VoIP phone system is one of the most popular business phone systems today. VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol. It is a technologically advanced way to provide your employees with the versatility to answer calls from anywhere in the world. Instead of traveling over phone lines, VoIP uses the Internet to securely and rapidly transmit information. VoIP phone systems do not require you to have any physical infrastructure, which is great for the many businesses that now rely on a hybrid or remote model.  

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