How IoT Benefits Business

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The Internet of Things, or IoT, provides many benefits for nearly any business through network connectivity and optimization.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is based on a term coined back in 1999 by a man named Kevin Ashton. At its core, IoT describes a series of connections across a network of applications and devices that allows users to determine integration between these entities for the sake of bolstering their usage. IoT is constantly evolving and moving forward, making it an important mainstay both in our homes and businesses to make our lives easier through automation and being able to operate many devices and applications from a single device.

Reduced Costs

Businesses that find ways to utilize IoT have discovered that it reduces costs. By using new technology, such as predictive AI, businesses are able to predict problems, solve issues efficiently, and seek better ways to conduct daily tasks. Streamlining processes across industries will decrease downtime as well as costs.

Work Optimization

Inefficient man-hours can be a major drain on a company’s profitability and expenditures. IoT is a great way to optimize these man-hours and lower the stress on your employees by automating some basic tasks and making their work day more streamlined and more focused on their particular job. According to a study by Aruba, 75% of companies adopting IoT increased their profitability. One of the ways they did this was by creating an efficient workflow that benefitted all of their employees.

Boost Profitability

Aside from creating an efficient and streamlined workflow, IoT also produces new and useful ways for businesses to conduct all of their usual tasks. From manufacturing to quality control, to predictive maintenance, to the supply chain—all of these aspects can be brought into the future through the use of IoT.

Improve Security

IoT also offers important connectivity for security networks. This is important because it creates a web of security that makes it difficult for would-be trespassers, thieves, and criminals, to slip past any of your businesses’ security features. IoT can even include processes such as deep learning and automation that can make it easier for security personnel to monitor all of the security aspects, even if it’s a large facility. 

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